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Monday, January 02, 2006

Commerce in Religion

Mazhar Butt

East Or The Middle East
The Near East As Well
Is The Home Of Religions
The Religions Of God
And Man
Some Are Flourishing
The Others Lingering
Yet Some Dead
Some Exported To The West
Or Rather Imported By It
From The Shylocks Of East
From Merchants & Thugs Adept
At Selling Faiths & Religions
In Lovely Get Ups
Beautifully Packed
For Retail Or Institutional End-Users
Nicely Dressed,Graded,Molded & Shaped
Free From All Spots,Blemishes & Scars
Aesthetically Inscribed as per
Buyers Labels
Elegantly Laced With Gold & Rosy Tinsels
Sold At Lucrative Prices
For Prompt Shipments
No Extra Or Handling Charges
Cost Insurance & Freight Prepaid
Payment Cash,Sight Draft Or LC
CAD,DP Or Consignment Acceptable
Samples Free,Freight Collect
Money Back Guarantee
30 Days Approval No Problem
Thus Flourish Eastern Religions
In The Advanced But Spiritually Starved
World Of The Materialistic West
To The Utter Horror & Dismay Of The Easy Going East
Which Naturally Cannot Benefit From
The New Editions Of Their Faiths & Religions
Which Exactly Are Not Their Own.


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